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Robotic Orbital Riveter Tending Case Study
Customer Requirement

An automated robotic machine that could pick up and place a shock-absorber rod with washer stack from the input dial, present it to an orbital riveter for nut retention and load a part transfer dial for finished goods exit of the cell. Cycle rate was proven at 8 seconds part to part.

Performance Criteria:

  1. 100% verifiable orbital riveting force
  2. Correct path and proper stroke
  3. Locked bin for rejects
  4. Poke Yoke features
Automation Equipment
  • GEN 1 MAC Cell with MAC controller consisting of a Rockwell CompactLogix L30ERM PLC with PanelView Plus 6 1000 HMI. Dual Ethernet safety PLC
  • Yaskawa MH12 six axis robot
  • RNE-331 BalTec Radial Riveter with force reading, path measurement and spindle stroke
  • Servo Adjustable Riveter entry height
  • Qty two dial feed and finished goods mechanisms. Ingenious mechanism to handle a range of diameters (12mm – 25mm) without change parts
  • Locked Reject Bin
  • Dual robot gripper to maximize cycle rate
  • Servo axis for height adjustment needed for quick change and verifiable machine settings. Range of 100mm to 450mm.
Final Project Outcome
  • Productivity: Cycle rate eight seconds
  • Quality: 100% verifiable orbital riveting force, correct path and proper stroke with locked bin for rejects and Poke Yoke features.
  • Uptime/ Maintenance: The cell achieved an OEE of >85%.
  • Changeover time: Less than 5 minutes
  • Other: Customer ordered a second MAC gen 1 cell for another assembly project.

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