Custom Robotic Load and Unload Cell

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Robotic Load Unload of Four Mills
Project Specifications


Automate the load and unload of machine tools used to machine castings into bearing mounts.


MESH designed and built a robotic system using two robots to load and unload a CNC mill, a CNC drill, two CNC lathes, product ID stamping and quality control checks.

MESH’S System used two ABB robots and custom end-of-arm tooling to create the following machine and automation specifications.

Machine Specifications
  • Pick casting parts from conveyors and place them into various machines
  • Remove them from the machines
  • Place the part on an overhead conveyor or outfeed conveyor
  • Hold the part in place for ID stamping
  • Place the part in the quality control inspection drawer.
  • Productivity: 95% OEE and Cycle Rate: 60 seconds per part
Automation Components
  • Two ABB IRB4600 6-Axis Robots with 60 kg. handling capacity and 2-meter reach were selected for the capacity to run at high speeds and reduce cycle times for material handling.
  • Pneumatic, jaw-type end-of-arm tools were used to pick and place different sizes of casting parts. End-of-arm tools not in use were stored on tool change stands. ATI's Quick Change system was used to automatically change tooling, as needed.
  • A 2-axis servo driven Gudel Gantry was used to support and move the robots. The robots were invert mounted, one to a stationary mount and one to a driven carriage.
  • Two floor mounted conveyors were used to receive parts into the cell and to move finished parts out of the cell. Additionally, one overhead transfer conveyor was used to move parts from zone 1 to zone 2.
  • A dot peen system was used to mark a part identification number onto the base of the casting.
  • After the casting part was fully machined, the robot placed it onto an outfeed conveyor or into an inspection drawer.