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3D Vision Bearing Inspection Machine

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3D Bearing Inspection Machine
Project Details

Problem Statement; Customer required an automated machine that could load, unload, and quarantine out of spec roller bearings. Inspection was primarily of the inner cage of roller bearings from 30mm – 150mm OD. The inspection criteria required 3d laser inspection of both sides of the bearing and a controlled rotation of the bearing so that the entire cage was scanned. Cycle rate was proven at <6 seconds and the defects detected were as described below;

  • Cage rivet presence
  • Cage rivet height
  • Missing ball
  • Double cage
Automation Equipment
  • Keyence LJV-7080 3d laser
  • Four position rotary index dial with quick change tooling.
  • Servo motor and pneumatically engaged spindle for controlled turning of the bearings
  • Siemens controls
  • Lockable reject bin with Poke Yoke features.
  • Load and unload mechanism for interface with the customer supplied Flexlink style conveyor.
Machine Performance
  • Capacity Requirement: <6 seconds / piece
  • Bearing diameter range: 30mm – 150mm
  • Poke Yoke features: Locked reject drawer w sensor detection
  • Expected Utilization Rate: 24 hours / 7 days
  • Equipment Availability: > 85%

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