Automated Conveyor Systems

At MESH Automation we design and implement advanced automated conveyor systems tailored for seamless integration into existing manufacturing and distribution workflows, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Our capabilities extend to custom solutions that can handle a wide range of materials and product sizes, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability to various industry requirements.

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Automated Conveyor System FAQ


When should I use plastic chain conveyor or roller?

If your process requires curves (90 degree, 45 degree or custom), while keeping the product moving and in the same orientation, plastic chain shines above rollers and belts. The plastic chain is also very gentle on your product by conveying it very smoothly and flat. The plastic chain comes in many widths, friction surfaces, and flexibility, but has limits in load-carrying ability and speed. Some plastic chains can go over a nose bar to minimize transfer gaps, unlike rollers. Roller and belt media are usually less costly per lineal foot compared to plastic when the width of the product starts to get above 6”.

What is the best conveyor to use for my pallet conveyor system?

The best conveyor for empty or loaded pallets is a properly rated chain-driven live roller or multilane chain conveyor. Which type is determined by the pallet configuration you have and the direction of travel.