Robotic Stacking Systems

At MESH Automation we specialize in developing advanced robotic stacking systems designed to enhance efficiency and precision in manufacturing and logistics operations. Our cutting-edge technology enables us to customize solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring seamless integration and optimized performance in their production lines.

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Robotic Pick and Place/Stacking FAQ


What are the key reasons companies choose automated stacking?

Labor issues are in the forefront of most automation decisions. Most manual handling jobs are high speed, result in repetitive motion injuries and are undesirable (hard to find workers). Human interaction with forklifts are accidents waiting to happen. Robots and other automation along the packaging line eliminate these labor issues forever.

When do you recommend a Gantry over a robot for flat sheet handling?

Gantry’s can handle large format sheets better than robots and can sometimes be more cost-effective when payloads and size start to max out the standard robot offerings. Additionally, if the pick location is far from the place location, a gantry may be a better option.

When is a robot the right automation tool for flat sheets?

Robots have the best value when six axes of motion are needed. This often comes into play on most machine tending operations or when an angle motion is needed to separate sheets during destacking.