Automated Pallet Handling

At MESH Automation, we are leaders in providing automated pallet handling solutions that significantly increase throughput and reduce labor costs. Our innovative systems are designed to seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, offering robust and reliable automation for a wide range of pallet loading, unloading, and transportation tasks.

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Automated Pallet Handling FAQ


What sets MESH’s pallet dispensers apart from the others?

MESH’s pallet dispensers and stackers use heavy gauge full sheet metal weldments with very few openings on three sides to control the stack better than partially open systems. Our pallet lift plates have double the power needed to overcome most obstructions like nails or broken wood that occasionally are in the way. The pallet chain conveyor is integrated in the design with heavier than needed chain models and chain guides. MESH’s pallet equipment also has a plc and real control panel for easier integration to other equipment and safety. Design and ruggedness set MESH equipment apart from the rest.