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Other Services from MESH Automation

Aside from our core competencies MESH also offers these services to complement our expertise for full factory automation.

MESH Automation Additional Services

Factory Service and Support

MESH Automation is a one-stop company that offers top quality engineering design and production to meet the needs of a wide range of industries. With a focus on specialty machines and automation, MESH works out of its Georgia headquarters, where our highly experienced team of engineers, machinists, and technicians has the resources to manage everything on site.

Build to Print Capability

MESH Automation has a flexible build to print service that offers fabrication, assembly and commissioning services customized to the needs of customers. Because MESH Automation is vertically integrated, we can fabricate or build equipment, machinery components, and control panels. Our superior print to build capabilities include:

  • A full-service CNC machine shop
  • A UL 508a panel shop
  • Waterjet cutting of various materials

Reverse Engineering

Whether you need to reverse engineer or redesign an equipment part, an entire machine or a process, MESH Automation engineers have the experience and resources to handle your engineering, fabrication, and sourcing challenges.

Software Design

The engineering team at MESH Automation has wide-ranging software expertise and the capacity to design and develop software for specific solutions.

For example, they are adept at designing and implementing databases that can be used to integrate what happens on the factory floor with office systems. Our custom-designed databases are ideal for the full range of industrial manufacturing operations and may be used for anything from process management to reporting on systems. Databases may be set up so they provide our customers with traceability, which in itself allows great control of processes, and helps with compliance of industry standards.

System Integration

MESH Automation is able to help manufacturing facilities integrate their various production systems together seamlessly. Whether you want to implement a factory communications system that monitors your plant floor or you need to automate machine controls on existing equipment, our team has the expertise and experience to handle the job.

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