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When it comes to test and inspection, both 2D and 3D vision systems may be used to help improve processes and productivity in manufacturing facilities. However, while 2D vision cameras are commonly used to identify defects, 3D systems have distinct advantages for complex parts and assemblies, identifying defects or features in areas of a part that are unattainable with 2D systems. In a 3D vision inspection system, the target object image is no longer just a flat picture. It is now a three-dimensional point cloud of precise coordinates where the position of every pixel in space is known. It simultaneously provides X, Y, and Z plane data along with respective rotational information (around each of the axes) as well.

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While every business has its own needs, MESH Automation recognizes basic engineering solutions that often work across the board for different industries. For this reason our highly experienced team of engineers has developed a number of pre-engineered solutions that meet incredibly varied needs, from manual operations to automated robotics. So, instead of starting totally from scratch, many of our customers are able to get going with high-tech equipment that has already been tested and is ready to go.

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At MESH, we partner with our customers and aim to exceed your expectations at every step of the project.  This means we learn about your production needs and gain a thorough understanding of the manufacturing process of your product and your plant culture before we develop a solution for you. Contact us and we will suggest ways to help you improve productivity that will boost your bottom line.

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