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Autonomous Mobile Robots for Palletizing

Autonomous Mobile Robots integrated by MESH Automation
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Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), are driverless programmed path carts and forklifts also known as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV). These machines as integrated by MESH Automation are increasingly becoming the best solution for moving finished goods or raw materials between machines or between production and warehousing.   MESH’s multiplatform controls experience, high-level software development expertise, and experience in the field allow us to give you the best turnkey solution and integrate it seamlessly.

Integrating AMRs can be very complicated.   MESH brings professional project management and the ability to overcome technical challenges which are essential to achieving a successful AMR project.   Because our core competencies and DNA are in robotic automation we bring a distinct multidisciplinary advantage over others who deliver one-dimensional approaches to material handling problems.

MESH partners with Omron and Global AGV to offer a full line of AMRs with turnkey integration services that are proven in the industry.

Capabilities of Autonomous Mobile Robots integrated by MESH Automation

  • Omron LD and HD series AMR have a payload range of 60kg to 1500 kg. These AMR’s can handle simple transport delivery and routing operations so your employees can perform higher value jobs.   Collaborative, safe and by a respected industrial controls company.   All models include Omron’s software and controls allowing it to intelligently navigate around people and unplanned obstacles.    For more information about the robots click here.   MESH Automation has successfully customized Omron AMR’s by adding the following;
    • DC Conveyor top by MESH powered by the AGV.
    • Yaskawa, or Fanuc cobot mounted and powered by the AGV and programmed by MESH
    • DC powered lift tabletop by MESH
    • Custom solution such as electric pushers, blade stops and other unique AMR top solutions.
    • Control sensors as needed for interface and load detection.
  • Global AGV’s driverless forklift trucks are ideal for automated pallet handling from the ground to 1 meter high. Global has partnered with a well-respected forklift maker for the mechanical portion of the driverless forklift.   They added a proven control and sensor package that has all the modern elements for proper integration.      For more information about the robots click here.
    • LD12 forklift style AMR with 1200kg payload and 1 meter lift.
    • LD14 forklift style AMR with 1400kg payload and 1 meter lift. (Pallet type is limited due to extended stability wheels.)
    • Load and fork sensors
    • Safety scanners and warning lamps for collaborative and safe operation.
    • Marshalling detection scanner and intelligent navigation around people and unplanned obstructions.
    • Battery type options

Autonomous Mobile Robot FAQ

My production lines are not ready for an easy AMR interface. Does MESH have solutions for this? When should a driverless forklift AMR be specified?Why use MESH Automation for your AMR project?
Yes, MESH is an experienced automation integrator and design and build automation equipment as one of their core competencies. This experience and skill set is ideal to finding and executing solutions to your interface opportunities.

Driverless forklift style AMR’s can pick up pallets that are on the ground and can deliver them at any elevation needed if it is 1 meter or less. If a requirement of the system is to pick up pallets at ground or very low elevations than a driverless forklift is ideal.

AMR projects are typically complicated. MESH’s project management skills with their technical expertise in automation, machine control and high-level software systems make them an ideal partner to help you with your AMR project.