Autonomous Mobile Robots for Palletizing

We specialize in integrating autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) into complex environments, streamlining material handling and logistics with precision and flexibility. Our expertise in palletizing solutions leverages cutting-edge robotics to automate the stacking and unstacking of goods, enhancing throughput and operational efficiency in warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

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Autonomous Mobile Robot FAQ


My production lines are not ready for an easy AMR interface. Does MESH have solutions for this?
Yes, MESH is an experienced automation integrator and designs and builds automation equipment as one of their core competencies. This experience and skill set is ideal for finding and executing solutions to your interface opportunities.

When should a driverless forklift AMR be specified?
Driverless forklift style AMRs can pick up pallets that are on the ground and can deliver them at any elevation needed if it is 1 meter or less. If a requirement of the system is to pick up pallets at ground or very low elevations, then a driverless forklift is ideal.

Why use MESH Automation for your AMR project?
AMR projects are typically complicated. MESH’s project management skills, along with their technical expertise in automation, machine control, and high-level software systems, make them an ideal partner to help you with your AMR project.