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Automated Rivnut and Riveting Systems


The use of rivet nuts (rivnuts) and rivets are a time tested and proven joining method. With the increased use of high-strength low-alloy steel and aluminum being used in frames to decrease the weight of components, rivnuts and rivets have been becoming the preferred method of attaching components and panels.

Automating this process using robots or hard automation is a value-added proposition that MESH can help with.  MESH’s solutions have been used by a variety of fortune 500 customers.  Automation is the future for most manufacturing businesses and the only way to survive in today’s markets.  It allows for higher and more consistent production, higher quality parts and allows companies to avoid the pitfalls with employee turnover.

MESH is an expert in automating rivnut and rivet processes.  MESH has solutions for both lower volume, high mix production and high volume, low mix production.  MESH has proven methods of quick tool changes and offers both pre-engineered and custom solutions to help customers solve their complex production needs.


The MACJoin is a professional grade skid mounted assembly platform designed for inserting joining aids such as rivets into small to large parts.


The MACLean is a line of equipment platforms designed for assembly processes in a small footprint.


The MACControl is a highly functional and flexible robot cell controller with standard features and component specifications that rival today’s best industrial control systems.

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