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Robotic Stud Welding Cell Case Study
Project Details
  • MESH designed, manufactured, integrated and started-up a custom engineered robotic stud welding cell for welding both standard capacitive discharge studs and collar studs.
  • Cell was used to weld studs into electrical enclosures. Weld quality and stud accuracy was critical.
  • Cell was part of a production line and needed to weld 5 to 9 studs in under 30 seconds.
  • Automatic servo fixturing was utilized for automatic changeover between parts.
Automation Equipment
  • Custom control system with an Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC
  • Four customized HBS KAH412 Automatic stud guns
  • One customized HBS C 08
  • ATI automatic tool changers
  • Two HBS VBZ Bowl feeders and four custom bowl feeders
  • One HBS CDMi2402 and two HBS ARC 800 power supplies
  • Customized escapements for stud picking
  • Custom engineered servo fixturing.
  • Fixture featured multiple grounding clamps to evenly distribute grounding spots.
  • Fluoroclad SDFC was used on parts where spatter could stick. Additionally hardened tooling was used for grounding pads.
Final Project Outcome
  • Productivity: Cell met all cycle time requirements, significantly reduced WIP in the factory and allow the customer to go to order based manufacturing.
  • Quality: Stud were welded to within 0.008”.  Additionally, poorly welded stud issues were eliminated.
  • Uptime/ Maintenance: The cell achieved an OEE of 91%.  Additionally, scheduled PM took considerably less time than required.
  • Changeover Time: Instantly and 100% automatic
  • Other: MESH installed a remote access system so MESH can support this customer without a visit to their factory.