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Nonwoven and film converting equipment is used to produce everyday consumer products, medical supplies and medical devices quickly and efficiently. MESH Automation understands the needs of this industry and has an experienced team of expert engineers available to design and build web converting equipment for customers working with nonwoven, films and absorbent materials, including those preferred for personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical applications.

MESH Automation Converting Systems for NonWoven Web Materials

MESH Automation has extensive experience working with, designing and building nonwoven and film converting equipment. Our pre-engineered components for material payout, thermal bonding, cutting and collating products are made for high and medium-speed production lines.   Additionally, we specialize in flexible automation so that your line can produce multiple products and change between them effortlessly.   This is doubly important in times of crisis, for instance when medical devices and medical supplies are in short supply.

MESH engineers understand how important it is for equipment to produce high quality and consistent products with low waste and minimal labor.   Our equipment is robust, safe and built to high standards.   Tooling and control system enhancements required for changeovers are well thought out with many error-proofing and no tool features.

The company also undertakes improvements to existing nonwoven and film converting lines that are used to manufacture medical devices and a wide range of other healthcare products and supplies.

The web-based equipment and processes we produce enable customers to manufacture items including medical supplies, masks, wipes, gowns, gauze pads, disposable medical garments, ambulatory belts, bands,  filters, baby diapers, and feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products economically with low waste and high speed.   MESH takes care of the entire production, packaging and palletizing of the product.

Ultimately, our engineers are highly competent in devising solutions for nonwoven and film-based products so that they can be seamlessly integrated into our customers’ end-product operations.

The Importance of Nonwoven Web Converting

Nonwoven materials have been renowned for efficacy in the PPE and medical industries for decades. Those used for medical equipment and supplies provide varying levels of resistance to penetration, permeation, and degradation by all kinds of hazardous substances from toxins to viruses. So, it stands to reason that they are invaluable for PPE and other consumable medical supplies including protective masks and gowns, most of which are made of nonwoven materials.

Nonwoven web converters are also used extensively for personal and home-care products.

The MESH Automation Difference

At MESH we are proud to partner with our customers and do everything possible to exceed their expectations every step of the project. Before we start designing converting systems for nonwoven and film web products, we gain a thorough understanding of the manufacturing process required for your product as well as your plant culture. Only then do we start to develop the best solution for your needs. Contact us today so we can begin working on ways to help you improve productivity that will boost your bottom line.

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