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Robotic Feeding and Picking Systems
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Our expertise in feeding raw materials or picking and placing raw materials or work in process components into a process stems from our 23 years of designing and building custom equipment that inevitably involves handling a raw material or work in a process component.

The variety of products that MESH has handled is quite large from soft, light, and pliable to large, heavy, and rigid. Product damage from obvious to subtle is always a concern as well as feeding speed and orientation.

MESH has used robots, motion-controlled devices (gantries and other single axis slides), vision-guided conveyor systems, vibratory systems, centrifugal systems, robotic bin picking from a tray, robotic bin picking from a disorganized array, and cartridge feeders to sort, feed, and pick products.

The use of automated transport of raw materials from the warehouse to the feeder is now being employed at many modern manufacturing facilities. MESH has experience in setting up the feeder in feeds for seamless AGV loading and can provide the AGV.

Automated Feeding & Picking FAQ

How do you choose the right kind of feeder for my product?
The product physical characteristics, feeding speed, proper orientation for the process and the format of the material from your supplier are important inputs to help with finding the right feeder for your process. If possible having flexibility in how you receive the product can help with developing a more reliable feeding system. Contact your MESH professional for further help and an unbiased assessment of the possibilities and constraints.