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Bottle Palletizing FAQ


Will a custom solution be more expensive than off-the-shelf automated palletizing equipment?

Not necessarily. More importantly, a custom design will meet the needs of your products and maximize the efficiency of the operation, which will ultimately impact positively on your budget.

Will your palletizing equipment cope with different types and shapes of bottles?

Palletizing units can be designed to handle the full range of glass and plastic bottles including those with thin walls, those that are tapered or not rounded, and all the various neck styles and shapes. Palletizing heads designed for different shapes and sizes of containers include those with gripper tubes, suction plates, as well as universal palletizing heads.

How many bottle layers will a robotic palletizer cope with?

It depends on the design, but a robot could load up to nine layers or 108” by picking and placing pallets, tier sheets, and top frames during the process.