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Tote Palletizing FAQ


What are the key reasons companies choose automatic tote and tray handling systems?

Labor issues are at the forefront of most automation decisions. Most manual tote handling jobs are high speed, resulting in repetitive motion injuries and are undesirable (hard-to-find workers). Human interaction with forklifts is an accident waiting to happen. Robots and other automation along the packaging line eliminate these labor issues forever.

What is the difference between a tote stacker and tote palletizer?

Automated tote and tray stackers are for single columns of totes or trays. In reusable systems, totes are typically columnar stacked at the end of their production cycle. Automatic palletizers will stack many totes per layer with multiple layers tall on a pallet or sleigh board. Full pallets of totes or trays are typically the finished goods product designed for the internal or external customer. Tote or tray stackers can use conventional automation techniques in addition to robotics. Tote or tray palletizers are best suited for robotic-only systems.