Rolled Goods Palletizing

MESH Palletizing Systems for Rolled Goods

Rolled goods products vary greatly depending on the industry. Yarn, fiber, paper, rolled roofing, stretch wrap, poly, nonwoven, fiberglass, rubber and netting are just some of the forms. Palletizing of these products is typically either eye to the sky or laid flat. Dunnage requirements to keep the rolls steady and apart are also employed in a great many applications.

MESH has the proven experience with many of the materials previously mentioned and have installed over 50 robots or cobots in the rolled goods product format. Innovative gripper design to pick up from the core or outside grip rolls that weigh anywhere from 5kg to 250kg are in the experience range of our engineers. This coupled with our proven pallet handling systems and accessories make MESH one of the premier automation suppliers in this category.

FAQs for Rolled Goods Palletizing

Can you combine machine tending with stacking operations?Why use a robot for automated rolled goods handling?

Yes, in some cases, one robot can be used for both tending the outfeed of a production machine/winder and then stacking that product on a pallet.

Robots have tremendous flexibility and value. Many automation challenges can be solved with the use of robots and deliver good ROI. Robots are durable and can outlast the production equipment in many cases.