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Process Line Control Systems

MESH has a large and experienced controls department to handle the necessary line process control from the individual machine or robot to your ERP system interface.   We have a wide experience base on your choice of controls and software brands from Rockwell, Siemens, Omron, Wonderware, Ignition, and other platforms.

MESH has pre-engineered solutions on their line of MAC cells for single robot needs, servo gantry systems (1 or multiple servo axes), and auxiliary equipment such as pallet dispensing, automated robotic palletizing, conveyor control, CNC machines, and many other pieces of equipment that could be part of your process line control or warehouse management system integration.

We partner with the largest robot, hardware, and software brands and are familiar with most processes and warehouse management systems.

Process Line Controls FAQ

What are the main things to consider when specifying a machine control system
Price vs. performance is the main consideration. It is worth your while to have MESH’s professionals help you with the pros and cons of the various options. We base our decisions on what is best for meeting your specifications and needs.
Brand –

Support for spare parts and programming resources are main considerations. Reducing the number of makes and models in your facility will be helpful to your maintenance department as well.

HMI – Size of the HMI screen vs price is the question to answer. The larger the screen the easier it is to portray information to your operator.